iPhone and iPad “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store” – SOLVED

Apple-App-Store-LogoYesterday I went to update the apps on my iPhone 5, but when I clicked download it wouldn’t work, leaving the ambiguous explanation, “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store.” I waited out the night hoping this error was caused by a little bug that would work itself out – it didn’t.

iPhone 5 - Cannot Connect to App StoreTurns out I had to sign out and back into my iTunes account.

To do this, go to Settings > iTunes & App Stores, click on your Apple ID at the top, and then Sign Out. Sign in again and you’ll be able to perform the update.

When I went to sign back in I was warned that enabling iTunes Match would replace all the music on my phone, but since that music was originally installed from iTunes Match, it didn’t get deleted.


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57 thoughts on “iPhone and iPad “Cannot Connect to iTunes Store” – SOLVED

    • Still cannot connect to iTunes! Cannot get mail, keeps telling me something about an Unidentified server I hate this phone now

  1. Just ensure your time and date are set correct on your device. If the time is incorrect, it still can prevent you from connecting to the store.

  2. what if i cannot even actually activate my account on my iphone? my pc recognises my apple id and everything but iphone has a different opinion. connects on icloud, does not accept my apple id for entering the app store. the case is “ur apple id is correct but this iphone is not compatible” or sth. i do have my iphone for 3days now and i actually think it is nothing special without the app store. please help me if u can

    • Try just doing a clear and reinstall of your ios. It’s one of those “it could be tons of things” solutions but backup your files first. You’ll lose it all.

    • My iPhone keeps asking for verification when I have already verified my apple ID now i can’t do anything.this phone is not user friendly.I don’t know what to do now.

  3. it didn’t work for me. it said, as usual, “cannot connect to iTunes Store”, ugh. and my iPhone is not even a month old

    • Yup, i got the same problem as you.
      it happen since two days a go.
      till today i have try all the solve matter from the internet but still didn’t work out.

  4. This didn’t work for me, this is an ongoing issue and sometimes depends on what wifi I might be connected to, one wifi gives one issue, another wifi another issue – frustrating! :)

  5. When I do what you suggested it says “Cannot connect to iTunes store” again. I am so frustrated! I’ve disconnected it and removed the sim card numerous times

  6. Arrrggghhhhh
    I got this phone today and have tried all the above, still cant connect. If I cant get onto the site I might as well go back to my old phone and save a shed load of money!!!!

  7. Not sure why this worked for you… When I tried to sign back in, it predictably told me “Cannot connect to iTunes Store”. Why would I be able to sign in if it can’t connect to the store in the first place?

  8. It didn’t work for me so I reset my password on the apple site, and signed out and back in again as above, and all is now fine.

  9. same here,happened today..try to solve with refet to all tips here but still can’t..i sign out, then cannot sign in back,it keep noticed me ” cannot connet to i tunes store

  10. I’ve tried changing the DNS and even changing the dates. I also got to the point that I almost crushed my phone out of frustration (well i know that wont do any help) but this “cannot connect to itunes” shit is really frustrating. I don;t know what to do


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  12. If you are having a hard time and can not connect to the iTunes store after you update to iOS 8.0 try using this link it (support.apple.com/kb/ht1808). I wasn’t able to connect to the iTunes store after the update so I went looking for help and stumbled across this and it actually works. I am now able to connect to the iTunes store without any trouble

    • None of the above measures work for me. I’ve tried signing in and out of my Apple ID multiple times, hard reset my iPad a good ten times, even tried toggling the time on and off “automatically set” and then signing in and out, as some forums suggested. Still no dice. Can’t access App Store or iTunes Store. Wifi is strong and reliable. Anything I’ve missed?

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