Print Selection in Safari

Want to print only a small portion of a page? FINALLY you can using an App called “Print Selection”! 

And until April 5th its FREE!

Print Selection - Mac App Store

Somehow, there’s no built-in way to print only a selection of text in Safari – a pretty major oversight by Apple if you ask me. Score 1 for the Windows users out there. But now, you can get Print Selection in the Mac App Store, which is a utility app that will add this functionality for you.

Right now it’s on sale for FREE down from it’s usual $1.99 at the Mac App Store. According to the description, this sale will last until April 5, 2013.

When the app is installed, you can Right Click on a selection from Safari, hover down to Services, and then click Print Selection. This will bring up a print dialog with only the selected content:

Print Selected - Dialog Box


The other option we see is to click Print Selected – Append. This essentially does a copy-paste onto whatever the last selected text was, then prints the combined content.

I clicked Print Selected – Append with the same text selected so below you see the result, which is the selected text added on the end of the selected text from before.

Print Selected - Append

Some advice – include the line break at the end of your selection to avoid losing it between the selection’s appending.

Hopefully this bug is something we will see fixed in an update soon, but until then this is a great little utility that does exactly what it claims to – and that’s something we’ve needed for a long time!

Download Print Selection from the App Store


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2 thoughts on “Print Selection in Safari

  1. I just purchased this app to use on a late 2013 iMac with 10.9 Maverick. Only my first print selection appears in print window. I tried to add the next 3 selections with Print Selection-Append and it didn’t add to the print screen. On 4th subsequent selection i got error: “The print selection-append service could not be used because the application did not respond to a request for services.”

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